Technical Writing

We specialise in writing contractual documents (Statements of Work) for the procurement and delivery of multi-million euro products and services in international environments.

In addition we provide the following non-exhaustive list of services:

  • Making a full dossier of complete technical documents for procurement purposes, followed by bid evaluation,
  • Writing all sections of the technical documents including Statements of Work,
  • Collating information, data and other input from all participating disciplines, SMEs and other stakeholders to complete the technical documentation,
  • Arranging, controlling and processing all remarks and additional information and requests from all stakeholders and future users of the facilities,
  • Co-ordinating information in the technical documents with relevant drawings,
  • Writing internet and internal intranet articles and communications,
  • Correcting text in existing technical documents to formal English,
  • Writing all documents of note in the English language.